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Find out discount based on your fidelity level. Reminder: shipping is always free to italy for all orders.

Find out discount based on your fidelity level.

Buyer 1
Silver buyer 5% From 2 to 5 units
Top buyer – Consumer 9% From 6 to 29 units
Silver seller 15% From 30 to 64 units
Gold seller 30% From 65 to 129 units
Platinum seller 42% From 130 to 389 units
Top seller 55% From 390 units >

Transparency and extreme clearness towards our clients are, and will always be, our business fundamentals.

Compared to other coffee brands, our Caffè Carbonelli brand became one of the reference points on ecommerce, thanks to the firm connection between high quality standards of our products and all efficient services we provide to our customers (such as free shipping to Italy).

Today, we are ready to take a new challenge: we make any distinction between B2B and B2C; thus, we provide a unique price list for every customer purchasing our products. Therefore, we decided to apply a different discount for each of those 7 clients fidelity levels, according to the products quantity purchased. In this way, we hope to push both final customers, HO.RE.CA channel professionals and vendors to purchase on our e-shop.

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